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How to care for a dog : Dog safety

How to care for a dog : Dog safety

How to care for a dog: Dog safety

A storm is brewing and you're worried. How do you take care of a dog when your whole house could be swept away? The safety of dogs is a major concern for people in areas that are affected by natural disasters.

Those of us who live in areas less prone to them tend not to think much about them, until we strike. Until then, it's often too late.

As you know, in serious disasters, people have had little choice but to leave their dogs behind to fend for themselves. Some people thought that keeping them contained inside the house or another area would protect their dogs. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the worst idea.

Even giving the dog free reigns over the house and the property was not always enough. The floods let them climb on the roofs to save themselves. When the waters calmed down, many dogs died because they could not access food and water.

So how can you take care of a dog when disasters could happen without warning?

Dog safety :

Here are some things you can do before, during and after a disaster.

Be prepared in advance :

1 - Have a colorful photo of your dog handy, in your pocket, purse, wallet or stuck at the refrigerator door or in the dog's crate.

2 - Keep a collar on your dog with its user address (your phone number, dog name, vet name) when you are aware of a possible disaster.

3 - Store dog food, water and all the medicines you need to support your dog for 15 days. Make sure they are in watertight and airtight containers. Place them in a cool, dry and easy-to-reach place.

4 - Determine which is the safest place in your home long before the event. It is too late to seek a safe haven when a storm hits. You need to find a place in your home with interior walls to fit your whole family and pets. Under the stairs is ideal because of the added supports, or in a closet.

Provide protection during the event :

1- Never leave your dog outside when high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods are obvious. You want to protect your dog while allowing him to save himself if things turn really ugly.

2- In storms, it is best to keep your dog with you or he or she will feel worse. Dogs tend to snuggle together to protect themselves, and since you represent the pack, you have to stay together.

3- Put your dog in a crate during the event so he can't run in danger. If you find that you need to leave it later, however, be sure to open the checkout and exit door. At least he'll have a chance.

4- Use a thick blanket or quilt or, if possible, a mattress, to protect you all from flying debris.

Be especially careful after the event : 

1- Your dog may want to run at the first opportunity. Having been frightened during the storm, he will take this chance to look for "higher ground," even after the event.

2- Pay attention to where you walk and protect your dog's feet from sharp objects such as pieces of metal and glass. Stay away from damaged power lines. Take special 
precautions when there is flooding. Water that flows quickly can take a family member or your dog away in an instant.

3- If your dog has escaped, have this photo handy to show people around the neighborhood, rescuers and researchers.
4- Keep an eye on your dog after a major disaster as it could become fearful and perhaps even aggressive fear. If you see such signs, take immediate steps to mitigate them to prevent the behavior from becoming permanent.

It is important to know how to care for a dog during natural disasters. These tips will help you.