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Different types of dogs for different types of people

Different types of dogs for different types of people

Different types of dogs for different types of people

Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of cars on the market? From very tiny cars sipping gasoline to these gas-hungry SUVs? Well, the answer is because people have different needs and desires. You have to include wants here because some may actually do without an SUV, but they just want to have it. The same is true with owning a Lamborghini (it's not a type of dog by the way), do you really need these speed monsters or more to do with your ego. You can say the same thing about owning a dog.

You may like a particular type of dog, but do you have what it takes to raise a happy dog that will live a long life? Buying a dog and expecting everything to be great afterwards is not the best prospect to have when you engage in such an activity. It's not going to be a tale enough story with a happy ever after the end; there will be ups and downs and total disappointments. Most of those who got married will probably have experienced this, so they have a little advantage in dog breeding compared to those who may be single.

It is best to know the character of a particular type of dog to see if this is the kind of dog you want. In addition to knowing the requirements that a dog may need such as a large house or yard.

To give you a little help, we take a look at different types of dog and see if it's the dog you want. The authoritative American Kennel Club recognizes 7 groups of breeds :

1-The Working Dogs Group :

As the name suggests, these are working dogs that man has used in different activities for so long now. Dogs are naturally large in this group in addition to being strong. Dogs in this group include bullmastiff, Boxer, Great Dane and Mastiff.

2- The Hound Group :

These dogs have been used by humans for centuries to hunt for food as well as for sports. Dogs have either a good sense of smell or a good view to track down animals. The Bloodhound is a true representative of this group. The other dogs are the Daschund, Bravarian Mountain Hound and others.

3- The utilities group :

These dogs also started out as working dogs, but some of the work no longer existed and they are now more used as pets. Chow Chow, Dalmatian and Boston Terrier are part of this group.

4- The Toys Group :

Size counts as they say, and in the case of this group, it is the small size that counts. These dogs are cute and cuddly and being small are easier to maintain. Chihuahua is part of this group, also Pug and of course Beijingers.

5- The Terrier Group :

They are very energetic little dogs that can be very good diggers. Riding the dogs in this group are the Bull Terrier, Irish Terrier and Parson Russel Terrier.

6- The Breeders' Group :

Used by man for hundreds of years to monitor his animal properties such as cattle and sheep. They are intelligent and robust dogs. Representative of this group is the Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, and the popular German Shepherd.

7- The Sports Group :

These dogs either herd the game towards the hunters or point the way to the game. They're also adorable dogs. Examples of these dogs are the American Water Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel and the Golden Retriever.