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How to Pick the Right Dog for your Family

How to Pick the Right Dog for your Family

How to Pick the Right Dog for your Family

There are many kinds of dogs to choose from. Vital things to take into consideration are your lifestyle, your hobbies and your present and future situation. You have to take into account the distinction between raising a dog from young pup hood and getting it as an adult dog.

Do you want a pet or a show dog or a male or a female dog? What are the benefits in having a small dog? They may not need a large space but small dogs still need room to exercise. Think about whether you would like a crossbreed, or a purebred. Always, carefully check out the breeder or any other place where you are considering getting your new dog.

Should I get a puppy or an adult?

The best benefit in getting an adult dog is that it is probably potty trained. Also you won't have any surprises as to its final size and personality. Though the adult dog may get along very well with you it may have unknown behavioral issues such as an aversion to children. If you decide on acquiring an adult dog, try a couple of tests to be sure of its disposition and personality. Study the dog's conduct as you get close to it. Try walking it near another dog, near a child that the dog has never met before and see how it reacts.

Puppies still have a lot to learn and are easily influenced and impressionable. Though still young each and every puppy has its own distinctive personality. Once the puppies are a few weeks old you will surely see the behavioral differences between them. The shy ones stay close to their mothers or hid in corners, while the more sociable puppy will go right over to you and want to play.

Should I choose a male or a female?

Some of the major differences in the comportment between male and female dogs are quite evident. Males tend to be more dominant with their owners and often exhibit hostile behavior towards other dogs. They are more energetic and will do more to guard their territories. Male dogs are inclined to urinate to mark their territories and to wander. They are usually more playful, more destructive and sometimes do not get along with children.

In contrast, obedience and house training of females is much easier. They also want more affection and attention from their owners. They are usually in heat twice a year this comes with some blood- tinged discharges that last around one week

You will see no difference between male and female dogs in the way they bark whether it is nervous barking, defensive barking or just being plain excited. Neutering or spaying your dog will diminish and even remove many of these behavioral differences.

The dog you choose will be more than a pet. It will also be a member of your family. We have looked at many things to take into consideration when selecting a dog. Don't pick the first dog you see, think and choose carefully so that you and your dog will be happy.