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Types of Dogs : The Three Most Popular

Types of Dogs : The Three Most Popular

Types of Dogs: The Three Most Popular

There are many different types of dogs. When you are planning on getting a dog of your own, it is important to know which type suits you best. There are dogs that may not be suitable as home pets, and there are dogs that are great for hunting, the outdoors and even police work. Knowing the type of dog that you would need and that would suit your living conditions would definitely make your experience of being a pet owner truly rewarding. There is nothing better than a well-suited pair of dog and master. The following would be the three most popular types of dogs :

1. Companion Dogs : 

These dogs are the ones that are usually taken on as house pets.
They are famous for his or her nice temperaments, so creating nice family pets.
Most of these companion dogs do not serve any general purpose other than giving the pleasure of their company. For some people, that is already enough. In my opinion, dogs do not really need have to do anything for them to be considered special. They only have to be there.

2. Guard Dogs : 

I am personally a big fan of German Shepherds because not only are they loyal, they are also very intelligent. Guard dogs are very territorial, but if they are trained properly they could make good house pets too. They are very wary of strangers, and this is a good thing, for they would certainly keep your homes safe. Dogs under this category would be the very popular German Shepherd, Pit Bulls, Dalmatians, Schnauzers, etc.

3. Hunting Dogs : 

These are dogs that should never be cooped up in homes or in apartments. They need constant stimulation and exercise. If ever they become under stimulated, they tend to become neurotic or even destructive. They can become great house pets if trained well, but owners should understand that they have natural herding instincts and this should be curbed in its early years. If left alone they would try to nip at everybody's feet in an attempt to keep them all together just like in a herd. They are great for outdoor use like in farms and ranches. Dogs under this category would be Spaniels, Retrievers and Pointers.

Dogs have a variety of functions as you can very well see. The best thing about them, in my opinion, would be their ability to take away your stresses of the day. The best part of my day would be the time that I come home and my dogs would be there to greet me. For me, nothing could be better than that.