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australian shepherd

australian shepherd

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd Dog grew up in the United States, and the Australian Shepherd Dog was originally born to be a farm dog in 1800.

The genesis of an Australian sheepdog and interesting facts about it :

Despite its name, it is more likely to be the origin of Spanish dogs, which were intended to be born in the western United States to work on farms and take care of sheep, and were also used to keep the stock, so that you will find that the Australian Shepherd Dog has a guarding instinct that lifts the Jaap.

But he grew up with Australian sheep and therefore his name, and the Australian Shepherd Dog was known by names as diverse as Spanish Sheepdog, Pastor Dog, California Sheepdog, New Mexican Shepherd Dog, and Many Australian shepherds have long tails up to 10 centimetres long.

About Australian Shepherd Dog :

It is nice in Australian sheepdogs that it is a trained dog, it is also one of the active working dogs that always need work to do and Australian sheepdogs need a lot of exercise, but on the other hand they are obedient, intelligent and light, and also with different roles in agricultural life.

Impressive, the Australian Shepherd Dog likes to jump by nature, so there will be a need for very high fences, as you will also need a large backyard and you will need every day 2-3 hours for daily exercises so to get his energy and keep him busy in something.

Is that the Australian Sheepdog you're looking for ?

In fact, it is known that Australian sheepdogs like to live with an active family or with someone who has time to take them with him everywhere, and this breed needs to train a lot and spend time with it to be light and be obedient ain so if you are considering buying an Australian Sheepdog, you should not be He is never alone because he will be very bored, and then he will not treat well if you do not occupy both his mind and his body.

Australian Sheepdog Character : 

Australian Shepherd Dog is an obedient dog character, this species is often close to a person in the family and very loyal to him, and also the Australian Shepherd Dog is an intelligent dog trained as we mentioned and needs to to at least two hours a day for exercise and training, You should know that without mental stimulation and training, it becomes a destructive dog and begins to get very bored.

Australian sheepdogs are also passive dogs, but they are also very affectionate and often very noisy dogs if they do not give them love and attention, they like to play and are considered dogs that have a very high energy.

Australian sheepdog exercise and training :

This type of dog is very active and needs a lot of work, energy and time and certainly requires time to do his workout well, and loves the games and puzzles as they help him solve all his behavioral problems.

Caring for the Australian Shepherd Dog :

Caring for the Australian Shepherd Dog requires a lot as it is a kind of hairy dog that requires a lot of brushing care and will leave your home covered with a lot of hair, and should take special care for his scalp in especially during the change of seasons, because this thick scalp will have to fall out to be replaced, it must be brush it every day.

Australian Shepherd Dog Family Fashion :

Australian Shepherd Dog loves family life a lot, but its stormy nature is not quite suitable for young children, as it has a strong instinct and likes to hunt down a lot, so it should be avoided with cats and small pets , and the presence of another dog can be a great way to get out of it where it will make it busy at the end I.I., I'm

Australian Sheepdog Expenditures :

This type of dog is prone to a number of health problems, due to its active lifestyle that you often spend with it in vocational education and training and therefore many injuries of all kinds occur.

Australian Sheepdog Health Problems :

Some australian sheepdog strains have defective genes, which means they are sensitive to certain drugs such as ivermectin, moxicin, durocin, ceprofloxacin (diarrheal drugs), asepromazine (for anesthesia) and butorvanol (to relieve pain), as well as sensitive to certain medications. Chemotherapy, due to a defect in the blood barrier in the brain which means that these drugs can affect the brain and cause neurological signs.

Hip deformities, many Australian sheepdog strains are prone to thigh joint deformities, although more breeders are threatening.