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Pitbull dog

Pitbull dog

Pitbull is a hybrid dog of several species of dogs, characterized by great strength, and ferocity. Most dogs fear him for his harm, and he is one of the dogs loyal to their owners, but poor breeding and beating betray her and she is kind to others, but their owners put them in places that make them ferocious, and he is one of the strongest dogs in the world and this dog is attacked on the basis of hunt for huge game like wild boars, but after a period of hybridization. Used in dogfights, for its muscular strength and stamina in combat, which can reach several hours without stopping and for the severity of its stubborn nature can die in a fight due to bleeding or fractures and usually his ears are cut so as not to suffer during the fighting.
And the paul dog house that did not have fixed standard specifications such as German, for example, because we meet in each country its shape is slightly different from the other country, and the most famous countries acquisition Paul's house is the United States, and there are some recognized clubs for the Paul House and eventually settled on the type and their American name Pitbull Terrier, which we see a lot of shortcuts. Among the countries that like Paul's House very much are Latin American countries like Peru and Argentina in particular, followed by Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, then Europe.
 Features and disadvantages of pitbull

 1- its benefits : 

 Its small size in the house means it does not take up much space.
  The fruits are short and do not need much bathing and cleaning like gold and lime, for example.
 Very few barking barely brings him a friendly voice of his most important characteristics.
He is very calm at the end and has no problems, and as long as his friend is busy about him, he prefers to sleep and not to worry.
  A dog suitable for any athlete because he has to train hard and daily to maintain his fitness and fitness.
The best guard to whom you can answer, be it a bodyguard or a house.
  A very, very intelligent dog, with a high level of absorption and learning new orders and exercises very quickly.
 Affectionate to the fullest extent with children and with its owner, but Bardo because of its strong structure does not prefer to leave it with children alone.
True to his owner and he can die himself for the defense of his owner and protect him in any way.

 2- the defects : -

 A stubborn dog who needs someone with a lot of experience in breeding dogs to control.
  His training is very difficult for beginners and you should have a great experience in training.
 You have to get it for less than two months so you can control it and lift it right because if it's a great year, there is no hope that you will change its character.
Very very ferocious with strangers and with pets, and usually its ferocity can be controlled, but it is necessary very early and too much can not be sure that you leave it with a stranger.
She needs special attention and care for the violent sports training she needs every day, and he needs to take care of him.
 If it is used in the custody of all people, you must know that you are a housekeeper paul because if a stranger has entered make sure he is going to get a body or at best a permanent disability and that is of course a big problem.
Needs a strict diet to maintain fitness and health.
  Totally unsuitable for girls for its difficult qualities.

  I've heard it in the very bad world and a lot of people will be scared of it and you'll be afraid to get into your house if you know you're a housekeeper paul in it and in many places and countries do not are not allowed to enter the house Paul in it.
  It is financially expensive because it needs training, diet and training tools, but these points are of course benefits to people whose athletic hobby and these things are a source of pleasure for them.

3- Disinformation about the pitbull :

 - Pitbull dogs do not feel pain: The reason for this information is that the pitbull does not release its prey until it is eliminated despite the beating to which it is subjected and so this information has come that the pitbull dogs do not feel pain.
- Paul's house dogs are not smart : this is one of the most common misinformation among breeders, pitbull dogs are smart and can be taught many obedience orders and tricks.

 - Pete Paul is aggressive towards humans : many people believe that Paul's dogs are aggressive towards the human race, and attack their owners suddenly without warning, in fact The dogs of Paul's house have not shown aggression on a human being since they were born, especially their owners, and have not been more aggressive than any other race, but tend to be hostile Sometimes when provoked.

 - The paul-american dogs descend from a particular breed: Many believe that the breed of Paul's dogs, of a particular breed, is false because they descend from many species.


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