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Take care of the puppy dog

Take care of the puppy dog

The name of the puppies is called small dogs from the moment of birth to the age of three months, and after this period, the puppy is considered a dog and provides him with complete food, as he can eat all the food large dog, but as for the appearance of the dog's natural color, he is at the age of five months in which his hair appears normally. 

 The puppies are born with closed eyes, and continue as such for 12 days, after which they begin to open their eyes, which takes place within three days, after which they can show their activity, then try to crawl and then walk and look for the mother to breastfeed and play with each other, so that puppies must be in this period in a completely flat empty place Low or high in the ground so as not to cause a chain in her legs, which can be exposed to diseases and thus disappearing the whole form of dog body formation, it is known that the bones of puppies in this period are soft and affected by any pressure or shock. Puppy food feeds puppies after birth by feeding on mother's milk (milk) and for two weeks from date of birth, with observation and tracking of puppies that have not responded to their need to breastfeed, and breastfeed them artificially (breast), and then need to increase the amount of food and provide it with food-types that contain On good and easily digestible materials such as: boiled milk, soup of added meat to news, rice, vegetable soup, and do not mind adding an average amount of boiled meat after hashing and the amounts are appropriate and small in size depending on age and body size, and in appropriate amounts and should not be little to cause them double The puppies and not large amounts fill their stomach, which weighs the stomach on the menus, taking the chain and thus affecting its height, and lead to a british in his menus and a distorted view. The method of providing food .

1 - food is served after cooking in low pots so that puppies can eat it and it is advisable to provide a single payment until competition is generated and the race to eat with his observation, and to prevent eating a quantity so that he can not get a larger amount.

 2 - the amount allocated to the puppy that the daily food is broken at Ba'aba Pieces, every part of it is served as a meal so that the amount of what the puppy eats is appropriate for his body.

 3- If a puppy does not eat food, it will be examined by the veterinarian to determine the reasons.
4- The food is served and the pots are high with waste if they are found within 30 minutes. 

5- The presence of water prepared for consumption and permanently renew with clean water at least every four hours. 

 6- The mother eats her food with her puppies in addition to giving her boiling milk and her puppies. In case of death of a mother after birth, or illness, in this case it is necessary to accelerate the supply of food to puppies by the industrial road (breasts), and there is another method that is often not available, which is to transfer the puppies to a dog that has been given the period in which the puppies were born, to eat his food of it breastfed with his puppies, if she drew this because the puppies should not be attached to a mother who was born more than a week ago, because milk is more than breast milk after birth, but in the case of the disease, the mother must be isolated immediately until it is treated, and the puppies are fed the previous way, if the puppies are in a situation that has not yet opened their eyes, and It is for two weeks from birth, but if the puppies are fed Puppy eyes are open, they can eat their own baby iture and it's better for them. As for the return of the mother after her treatment, this is due to the actions of the veterinarian and the adequacy of his milk as food for the puppies. Caring for puppies requires special care from the beginning of their birth until they reach the age of training, the most important of which are: 

1- Cleaning the barn and brushing and disinfecting it from time to time time.
 3- Examine the puppies from time to time to detect the diseases they seem to be.
 4- The speed of isolating and treating what is infected with a disease. 
 5- Inspect them daily in all parts of the body to ensure their safety and free of harmful insects, especially ticks. 
 6- Do not water the scalp for any reason. 
 7- Cleaning the scalp by spraying with powder chosen by the doctor to control insects.
 8- Clean the eyes by wiping them with a piece of damp cotton with a disinfectant solution. 
 9- Quickly remove various dirt such as excrement and urine from the room.
 10- Drying the mattress and put it under the sun for a while. 
 11- Permanent lyre drinking water. 
 12- Examine the breast of the mother on a continuous basis during the duration of lactation. 
 13- The mother is isolated from her children if she has an illness or wounds in the breast until she is treated. 
 14- Renew the ventilation in the barn and work at the entrance of the sun according to the nature of the atmosphere. 
 15- The work of walking (expanse) puppies in dry places when the sun appears in winter. 
 16- They enjoy a recovery period after lunch for at least one hour. 
 17. It should be noted that the floor of the barn is flat and has no bass or heights so it does not cause distortions on menus that are considered soft and weak throughout the childhood. 
 18- Puppies should be vaccinated with a dog vaccine when they reach the age of three months. 
 19- Puppies should be vaccinated with the dystemper vaccine known as Dystemper when they reach the age of three months. 
 20- Note the weakness of bone growth and the dog should be helped with calcium.
 21. Puppies receive a single dose of worm repellent at the age of three months, and repeated if necessary.