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Rottweiler Properties

Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler's origins :

Rottweiler's dogs originated in the Roman Empire, where they used it to command and guard the herd and defend their masters and property. Its name comes from a small town called Rottweil, Germany. A keeper and a grazing dog is a very strong and courageous breed.

The appearance of Rottweiler's dogs :

Rottweiler dogs are medium to large in size, neither heavy nor light, nor properly proportioned. This solid structure provides great strength, rapidity of movement and resistance, and Rottweiler's skull is of medium length. Wide between the ears, the forehead line is moderately curved and characterized by a powerful neck.

The back of the Rottweiler's body is straight, strong and steady, its chest is wide and deep and occupies about 50% of the height of its shoulders, the upper part of the arm is adapted to the body and the traditional Rottweiler gait is the trot, walking , Rottweiler's legs, front and back, must go straight ahead and behind.

Rottweiler fur consists of medium-length, thick, outer fur that protects the neck and thighs.

Rottweiler Properties

The behavior of Rottweiler's dogs :

Rottweiler dogs are obedient and eager to work and react with great vigilance to their environment. They are calm, confident and courageous dogs, but they do not give way to immediate and random friendships.

Besides, Rottweiler is an intelligent dog that can adapt to work. Rottweiler likes to behave in a clowning manner towards family and friends, but also protects his territory and does not welcome strangers until they are properly introduced. Obedience training and good socialization.

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Rottweiler dog health problems :

Rottweiler is a relatively healthy breed free of disease. Like most large strains, sciatic dysplasia can be a problem and osteochondrosis is a disease that affects the joints of the shoulder. Problem due to the rapid growth rate of offspring.

As with any strain, genetic conditions occur in some species and, unfortunately, Rottweiler dogs are highly susceptible to cancer, which is one of the most common causes of premature death in Rottweiler dogs and, for unknown, more likely. Other strains are infected with Parvo virus, a highly infectious and deadly disease for puppies and young dogs. The parvovirus can easily be prevented by following the vaccination protocol recommended by your veterinarian.

Rottweiler dogs are also prone to obesity, but beware, some of the consequences of obesity can be very serious, including arthritis, breathing difficulties, diabetes, heart failure, skin diseases, etc. Low resistance to diseases and high temperatures caused by a thick layer of fat under the skin.