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Characteristics of a saint bernard dog

saint bernard

Saint-Bernard is a rare dog, powerful and difficult to bear by the warm climate, it is classified in the category of large sheep breed dogs bred in the Swiss mountains and has demonstrated its importance in saving missing travelers and locals Alps that are struggling to cross.Snow tracks near the Saint-Bernard guesthouse, some of which are trained in avalanche rescue operations, while others are raised as companions and pets at home.

The History of the Saint Bernard Dogs :

It is a very ancient breed, from the family of the Tibetan Mastiff, born two thousand years ago when the Romans brought it to the Alps, and then a thousand years later, it appeared in the boarding house of Saint Bernard Don Menton, located near the great pass of Saint Bernard, because of its low number due to natural disasters. It is likely that the monks of the guesthouse crossed the mastifid breed with the dogs of the Danish Dunois and the peritonitis dogs. Over time, the breed evolved and a new form appeared for the dogs of St. Bernard, especially the dogs of the seventeenth century known for their work defending men in the snow-capped mountains.  

Characteristics of Saint Bernard's dogs :

Physical specifications :

Saint Bernard Dogs

Her body is enormous, with an average female height of 65 cm, a man of 70 cm and a weight of 50 kg to 70 kg. His head is wide and wide, his nose is long and rectangular, his ears hang from the side, his palms are long and high, his teeth are strong, his eyes are medium-sized and closer to the front of the face than the sides of the head , and mostly drowsy to let the skin of the face hang underneath. It is characterized by the skin of her face during, especially by the hanging upper lip, by her powerful neck and by her slumped future. It is characterized by its long body covered with a thick and thick fur of medium length, bright wavy, and the color of the fur varies between white, orange and red. There are black spots in the head and around the eyes, as well as in the chest area. It is characterized by a deep chest and a long tail. The average age is 8 years


Typing saint bernard : 

Slow dogs with calm temperament do not get angry quickly, they are characterized as social and patient dogs, and very obedient, characterized by a high intelligence despite the shape of his sleepy eyes, respond to training with a lot of skill. They are fierce if they are not raised and trained from an early age.

Breeding of Saint Bernard's dogs :

-This is one of the most expensive dogs in terms of purchase price.

- It starts from a young age until humans become familiar with the fact that they grow up among them.

 - Large amounts of food and medication should be provided as they require higher doses than small dogs that need to be checked regularly.

- You have to provide a back garden or a large space for its accommodation, it is not suitable to live in an apartment.

 - She has to wash almost every day and comb frequently.

- During a picnic, it is best to be transported by a large car and, in the case of a hike, prefer long daily walks.