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Characteristics and information about the dog wolf

the dog wolf

wolf dog

A wolf dog is a metis of a dog and a breed of wolves, where a wolf and a dog are married. There are several breeds, including the German breed and Czechoslovakian. It is called several names, including German Shepherd, Malinus and Siberian Husky.

In Czechoslovakia, specialists from the Soviet Union created a new breed of sheepdogs by crossing them with Carpathian wolves, which gave birth to a new breed of wolf in 1955. This breed of dog has the characteristics of father and mother. This breed continued until this breed of dog was recognized internationally by international dog associations in 1985.

 the dog wolf

Characteristics of the wolf dog  :

What distinguishes wolf dogs is that they combine the characteristics of werewolves, the intelligence and loyalty of dogs: they are vital, energetic, constantly, playful, courageous, enduring and quick to learn, can be quickly and loyal. Completely compliant, fully compliant with the controls, angry, but without attacking without reason, always fun, very loving to play with children.

Physical characteristics of wolves dogs  :

Wolves are characterized by a harmonious body, measuring 55 to 65 centimeters long, weighing 22 to 40 kilograms depending on their age, a long semi-rectangular mouth and a tapered nose, straight ears, two legs and they are parallel and open to forward and are often tilted backward as they move. Wolf dogs have strong jaws and sharp teeth of about 42 years, capable of crushing hard objects, characterized by black and rounded eyes capable of seeing in total darkness. For his behavior. It is therefore used for guarding and rescue operations, as well as for police surveillance, mine detection, drugs, prohibited objects, as well as for grazing and guarding, as a guide for the blind.

 dog wolf

Types of wolves dogs :

Depending on the color of the fur, wolves have a thick fur that covers the whole body. Their colors range from white to grey to grey, brown, brown and black. They are divided into three types depending on the color of the hair :

German shepherd dog with hard lint.

German Shepherd dog with long hard hair.

German Shepherd dog with a long sweet lint.