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Do you know the Xoloitzcuintli Quetzal ?

  the Xoloitzcuintli Quetzal

The rare breed the Xoloitzcuintli Quetzal

 entrusted to lead the soul of the deceased on their journey to eternal life the show Lord squint Lee is according to Aztec mythology a living relic with a mysterious origin with more than 3000 years of life.

 this dog is known for being one of the oldest breeds in an American continent during the colonization of America the Aztec dog was in danger of extinction until some breed lovers just like the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Riviera rescued him actually thanks to the preservation of Mexican traditions the giallo has become a respected dog valued and considered one of the most important symbols of the Mexicans culture time for some rough trivia a solo named Dante who was an important and loving character in what recent Disney Pixar animated movie a Card B Toy Story see Koko.

this type of dog has a strong muscular and elegant body with long agile and powerful legs the Xolo come in three sizes toy miniature and standard and all measure between 10 to 23 inches and weigh more than 10 to 50 pounds its eyes a medium almond and has an intelligent expression even if there are variations with hair the Xolos stands out mainly because it lacks totally or partially fur in addition they're recognized by the variety of colors just like black different shades of grey red brown liver blonde or bronze grooming.

 this particular brief requires special skin care even if they don't have fur Xolo dogs must always be protected with creams or special oils from intense sunlight or heat and very well wrapped in colder weather it should bathe monthly and just like any other breed its eyes teeth and ears should be cleaned regularly temperament loving sweet playful and very attached to children the shallow dog has a quiet gentle faithful and above all obedient personality some breed specimens stand out for their shyness and suspicion towards strangers for this reason they prefer to spend as much time as possible with their human family check out here in Brooklyn's corner com more about what makes the Xolos so great training daily exercises activities that stimulate its body and mind and a positive comprehensive patient and constant training are the key tools to an effective education thanks to its intelligence and innate desire to please its owner the Xolo is a perfect pet for all kinds of families health venerated not only as a companion and a family dog the xolo has a high historical value in mexican culture even with a strange and particular appearance this dog .stands out for being an obedient friendly elegant and above all a loyal pet to its human family. 




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