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Friendly Golden Retriever Stops and Hugs Every Single Person She Sees On Her Walks
Pet-dogs 01 June 2021
  Friendly Golden Retriever Stops and Hugs Every Single Person She Sees On Her Walks Loving and constant , dogs are man’s ally for a reason ...
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Do you know the Xoloitzcuintli Quetzal ?
  the Xoloitzcuintli Quetzal  entrusted to lead the soul of the deceased on their journey to eternal life the show Lord squint Lee is accord...
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ollie dog food diarrhea (the puppy)
                                          ollie dog food diarrhea having a puppy with diarrhea can be really messy it can also be qu...
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 Information About Dog dalmatian
    Information About Dog dalmatian Also known as Dalmatian dogs or dotted dogs, this Dalmatian breed has attracted so much attent...
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Characteristics and information about the dog wolf
Pet-dogs 04 November 2019
the dog wolf A wolf dog is a metis of a dog and a breed of wolves, where a wolf and a dog are married. There are several breeds...
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saint bernard dog
Pet-dogs 02 November 2019
Characteristics of a saint bernard dog Saint-Bernard is a rare dog , powerful and difficult to bear by the warm climate, it is cla...
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Rottweiler dog
Pet-dogs 02 November 2019
Rottweiler Properties Rottweiler's origins : Rottweiler's dogs originated in the Roman Empire , where they used it to ...
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australian shepherd
Pet-dogs 22 October 2019
australian shepherd Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd Dog grew up in the United States, and the Australian Shepherd Dog ...
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Benefits of Dog Breeding
Pet-dogs 13 October 2019
Benefits of Dog Breeding Pets are a blessing from the Creator to his servants, for they communicate with man in a friendly and gen...
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Pitbull dog
Pet-dogs 06 October 2019
Pitbull dog Pitbull is a hybrid dog of several species of dogs, characterized by great strength, and ferocity. Most dogs fear him ...
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Take care of the puppy dog
Pet-dogs 01 October 2019
Take care of the puppy dog The name of the puppies is called small dogs from the moment of birth to the age of three months, and ...
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Kennel Cough
Pet-dogs 24 September 2019
Kennel Cough Kennel coughing is a disease that dogs can suffer from. It's hard to watch your friend suffer, but it's ...
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How to care for a dog : Dog safety
Pet-dogs 23 September 2019
How to care for a dog : Dog safety A storm is brewing and you're worried. How do you take care of a dog when your...
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